KAPOK is one of the most sustainable natural fibres for textiles. It can be combined with other fibres to create a wide range of fabrics: comfortable, lightweight, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and soft to the touch. With no additives, they have amazing properties: moisture control, temperature regulation, insect repellency and much more.

For many years, kapok has been used, straight from the pod in which it grows, simply as a filler, in products such as mattresses and soft toys.


KAPOK is naturally occurring, organic by default, helps people and the planet.

The kapok uses natural resources.
The tree provides a non-food fruit pod filled with fibres only.
The pod is harvested then the fibres are removed from the pod and cleaned by a machine.
The tree remains intact and continues to regenerate the ecosystem.

Naturally innovative product with positive impact.

Ecological by default: Reduction of pesticides/fertilisers.
Water-free irrigation: Reduced water consumption
Low energy requirement: Reduced CO2 emissions

Kapok provides a silky and comfortable feel to the skin.
It is a high-performance fibre and is 5 times lighter than cotton, thus reducing the weight of the fabric.
It adds or maintains a quick-drying function.
Kapok insulation performs like down, reduces the textile footprint and supports several SDGs.